Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Buy Koi for Your Fish Pond

Before buying koi fish, make sure the pond is suitable for the fish, the water is ready and cycled and a good source has been found to purchase koi from.

Purchase koi fish for a pond with tips from an aquarium shop owner in this free video on aquariums.

Expert: Chris Simms
Bio: Chris Simms owns Aquatic Central in San Francisco, Calif. Filmmaker: Bing Hu

25 Responses to “Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Buy Koi for Your Fish Pond”

  1. andrewmai123 says:

    anyone know why a koi fish is developing thick silver scales around it gills and end of tail?

  2. slimbren says:

    double koi fish all the way across!!

  3. TakerBride777 says:

    thnx 4 posting i posted 2 my myspace 4 my friends to see hope u dnt mind thanks

  4. triggerlife143 says:

    vise versa

  5. triggerlife143 says:

    Is that ok to breed a koi if the male is bigger than the female?

  6. 2999josh says:

    how many gallon for 33 baby koi fish 6 cen

  7. 2999josh says:

    how many gallons do you need for 33 koi fish baby 6 centimetres

  8. spursfan112 says:

    yeah, keep em in a fish tank. u dont know about it!

  9. scottylad79 says:

    2000 that is very cheap. tell me where u get ur koi

  10. briansfarm1 says:

    how big of a tank can you put a koi in

  11. imaymakemakeyoutired says:

    Why are they banned in some aussie states? what happens if you’re caught with them? just asking…

  12. kyrusrose says:

    Koi means Carp.. or love. Not fish 🙂

  13. ipodhuman79999 says:

    koi is a type of carp fyi.

  14. mermaidamp says:

    Koi is fish in Japanese.

  15. firebelliedfreak says:

    true true but still

  16. firebelliedfreak says:

    no koi are direct desendants of cypris carpio the common carp sooo actualy ur wrong

  17. TigerAlbino1800 says:

    u stop feedin them cuz the food can rot inside the fish. if u have a 4ft deep pond leave the fish outside. if u dont put it in a indoor tank

  18. 04261995 says:

    so basically no matter what in the winter inside or outside you stop feeding them

  19. TigerAlbino1800 says:

    u stop feedin them, but if the pond is 4ft under or more the koi just hibernate there

  20. 04261995 says:

    In the winter when the temp drops below 50 and you bring them inside do you stop feeding them.

  21. ipodhuman79999 says:

    well you its hard to find a really pretty one in the wild,but from my reaserch.u might find one where wild carp live k.this guy in Sydney,Aus.caught a huge one.

  22. ipodhuman79999 says:

    their cousins

  23. ipodhuman79999 says:

    kinda,but don’t grow as big

  24. ForgetMeNatz says:


    Hehe yeah

  25. TheSvartdemon says:

    there orginated from Japan,but i dont no which pond are they in…type your country and search thats the best way

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