What to do about my sick koi fish?

My koi fish is brown orange in color and has strange black spots all over its body like its turning into a dalmation or something, in some of the more developed areas there is a small white something in the middle. This is my favorite fish and i would love to know what the sickness is and if it can be cured. Also should I isolate it from my other koi and how would i do this? thanks for the help:)

2 Responses to “What to do about my sick koi fish?”

  1. TheRav1n says:

    Do you have a picture? It could be nitrate poisoning or natural coloration.

    Test for nitrates, if they are elevated, then there is your answer. Change water to correct, and step up your water change schedule to keep the nitrates lower.

    Do the spots move around? If so it could be a parasite.

  2. Cozy says:

    I’m not sure, but I think your fish got poisoned, but you may check this guide books in the source below.

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