50 Lb. 32% 1/4 Floating Bulk Koi Food

  • Koi
  • Large Goldfish
  • Oscars
  • Catfish
  • Any large fish!

Product Description
Bulk Floating Pellet Fishfood for Ponds, Koi and Lg. Cichlids.

This great bulk fish food is perfect for:

* Koi
* Large Goldfish
* Oscars
* Arowana
* Pacu
* Catfish
* Any large fish!

Pellet size is approximatley 1/4″. Perfect for fingerlings yet still fine for the largest fish you will feed. 99.5% of the food will float. Will not cloud the water!

Your fish will LOVE this food, but feed only what they will consume in 10 minutes. Feed twice a day.

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50 Lb. 32% 1/4 Floating Bulk Koi Food

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