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Welcome to the affiliate page for Starting The Koi Hobby.

My name is Adam Short and I have produced a great resource for anyone considering Koi Fish. This product is blowing our competitors out of the water.

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Koi owners are passionate and spend a lot of money on their hobby!

Have you seen what it costs to set up a Koi fish pond correctly? They can be thousands of dollars!

Then you have the added cost of water temperature regulation,
filtration, aeration and more... It can be an expensive hobby! Go into your local pet shop and have a look at the prices of the equipment... You will be amazed!

So, to avoid all the common Koi fish mistakes and potentially wasting a huge amount of money, time and energy... It makes investing in "Starting The Koi Hobby" an absolute no-brainer for anyone considering this hobby.

The manual is a complete step by step guide from choosing Koi, right through to having the perfect Koi pond and everything in between.

We've made the manual exceptional value for money and are constantly testing various upsells to further boost your commissions.

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A super low refund rate. The manual is crammed full of high quality information, which will save any Koi owner a huge amount of money, time and energy. This makes our buyers very happy.
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