can koi fish live with other kinds of fish and are predatory to tadpoles?

im from the philippines.
i am planning to have pond with koi fish and some other fish.
what fish can i put in with the koi fish? that thee koi fish wont eat?
and does koi fish eat tadpoleS?

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  1. Loollea says:

    koi shouldn’t be kept with any other fish except goldfish, they have the same requirements
    my koi never ate the tabpoles but my neighbor says that hers do
    so you’ll just have to try your fish and see if they do

  2. K3vag says:

    since you’ll be keeping koi in a tropical setting, they should be acclimitized to the temperatures found there… if you’re looking for other fish to house with koi you could try chinese high fin banded sharks, other medium to large cyprinids found in your area like carps, some larger species of catfish may work…. just make sure if you choose a non native species that they don’t get into any of the local water ways…

    koi are omnivorous… if they are hungry enough and the opportunity presents itself (and if the tadpoles don’t taste bad or are non poisonous) they may eat tadpoles.

  3. Images And Words says:

    Koi’s are knowm to eat tadpoles.. but they can easily accomdate other fishes of medium sizes.. my koi even ended up eating my guppies..:((((

  4. redbass says:

    Koi will only eat vegetation or dry foods like pellets. They like to feed on the surface. Koi will not eat tadpoles. Koi like to be with their own species.

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