Dave’s Koi Pond

Building of a High Tech Koi Pond

25 Responses to “Dave’s Koi Pond”

  1. hawkfan61 says:

    8 days on the pond, 1 day for the cement patio.

  2. koijoi72 says:

    dam you spent some cash!!!!!!!

  3. MrPoopsticks123 says:

    how long did it take for the whole process to be finished

  4. hawkfan61 says:

    @yytboii 20 lbs on the largest one.

  5. yytboii says:

    How big are the jumbo koi’s ?

  6. hawkfan61 says:

    @Elroy1613 One was built a couple of days after fish were introduced. Go to Dave’s Koi Pond Today and you will see the fence and what landscaping looks like today.

  7. Elroy1613 says:

    u need a fence now

  8. oggy411 says:

    Where did you get those koi? there huge! haha

  9. RichinGunz says:

    wow that IS a high tech pond

  10. hawkfan61 says:

    No, they can become dormant when water gets down in the lower 40 degree F. You have to keep holes in the ice for O2 exchange. I have a well that puts out 60 degree water in the winter, they stay nice and warm.

  11. RichinGunz says:

    what happens at winter? dont the pond freeze and all the fishies die :(?

  12. RichinGunz says:

    depending on what size u buy the koi it comes pretty cheap i bought a 3 inch koi for about 1$ and have been raiseing it for about 3 years now its grown to 10 inches now

  13. MrChinese1990 says:

    Fish = Beautiful
    Pond = Very Awesome
    Me = Rather Jealous
    Lol 🙂

  14. MrChinese1990 says:

    Fish = Beautiful
    Pond = Extremely Awesome
    Me = Very Jealous
    Lol 🙂

  15. IntegraGSR5 says:

    those are japanese koi. they cost a lot of money. damnnn. wish i have a pond like that.

  16. hawkfan61 says:

    Not so much money changed hands. Did video work for the importer and traded for fish.

  17. Duhitpt says:

    omg look at all those koi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you must atleast spent a fortune on thoseeeee!!!!!!!!!

  18. Air17JordanBaller23 says:

    I would’ve preferred trout or pike or even bass. I think that would’ve made it cooler.

  19. hawkfan61 says:

    @dolittle1992 Thanks, we have really enjoyed the pond now for three years next month.

  20. hawkfan61 says:

    @MrJimbobwae She got a new VW in the trade off.

  21. dolittle1992 says:

    im beyond jealous

  22. MrJimbobwae says:

    I’m just curious as to how you convinced your wife to letting you follow through with the project LOL. Nontheless, awesome, awesome, awesome pond.

  23. Aleddrum says:

    realy enjoyed that

  24. FJqattan says:

    wow thats amazing, ty for sharing!

  25. tutolo69 says:

    yeah me pond me wats i see u used my advice and went the half downs with two me uos much easier than re cutting me dry miks

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