help my koi is sick?

I recently bught a koi from wal-mart for my koi pond that put in. Since i didn’t treat the water (didn’t know to) i think that’s a cause.. my koi is floating on it’s side at the top of the water so i took it inside isolated in in a smaller tank with treated’s been 3-4 days and it’s not eating and still floating (yes it’s alive) what should i do or is there anything i should do>> HELP PLEASE

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  1. bettachris says:

    thats a tough one, how bad is the pond water? it might be drospy, and even if your pond water isnt bad, you didnt exactly buy it from a respectable source.

    it could also be a swim bladder issue.

    I would try and keep the water clean and treat with aquarium salt, and try looking at a petstore for medications.

  2. elizabeth_davis28 says:

    call the pet store that sell kio and see what they suggest

  3. Poopy says:

    The fish is stressing from the chlorine. Basically, the chlorines and chloramines in the untreated water burned his gills, and he’s having a hard time breathing. You can imagine what it would be like for you if you could barely breathe – you’d probably have a hard time staying upright or moving around much, too!

    As for solutions – I agree that you should probably try to salt the tank with pond salt or epsom salt – NOT table salt and definitely no salt with iodine in it! Bring the salinity up to .3% – there are formulas on the net that can tell you how much salt that would be for the size of tank you have. Also, try bringing the temperature of your tank (or wherever you’re holding the little guy) s – l – o – w – l – y up to about 86 degrees F – by slowly, I mean like 1 degree per hour, is all.

    You could also consider treating with a broad spectrum anti-viral/anti-biotic/anti-parasitic treatment, just to fend off any critters that may have been lurking in the Wal-mart water that are ganging up on him, now that his defenses are down. I suspect you will pay more in medications than you did for the fish, but that’s a choice you need to make. If you decide he’s not worth saving, euthanize him quickly by placing him in a bucket of water mixed with oil of clove – that will sedate him so that you can dispatch him as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    If you do want to make a stab at saving him, I recommend trying something like praziquantel and Pro-form C, and try feeding some medicated food like Medikoi. All of these products are readily available on the web.

    If he hasn’t recovered in a week – 10 days or so, he’s probably not going to. If he makes it, buy him a friend or two. If he doesn’t make it, and you’re going to re-stock, please consider getting two or three koi at a time. They feel safest in groups and really don’t like being the “only” fish in the pond.

    Finally, check out this website: It is by far the best site I’ve found on the care and keeping of koi, and it’s run by a veterinarian who specializes in koi and goldfish (who, by the way, ALSO recommends using salt….)

    Good luck – I hope this helps.

  4. danielle Z says:

    NO SALT IN THE TANK. Koi and goldfish get bloat, constapation and swimbladder from salt in tank water. Don’t stress your fish out any more than he is.

    The best thing to do is be sure the water is cool. This slows down the fish’s respiratory rates and actually calms them down. your fish may have been injured by chlorenes however how long was your pond cycling and running before you put your koi in it?

    Walmart is not known for having strong fish to start with. Drop your tank water by 1/2-1 inch. this will allow for the exchange of more gases to and from the water helping with the dissolved oxygen.

    Not eating isn’t the main problem here, quality water is with lots of dissolved oxygen is.

    What are you feeding your koi? You may want to try to feed him natural foods like leafy greens (lettuce, water cress and spinach) along with beans or other high protein foods.

    I would suggest buying koi for your pond at a more reputable dealer.

    Sorry to hear about your fish and I hope he makes it.

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