Help Sick Koi!?

I went outside this morning and my koi is staying on the top of the water with his mouth sticking completly out of the water. He is starting to tip to the side and is obviously very sick. He is normally solid white but this morning he is pinkish around where his fins meet his body. I removed him from the pond to a sick tank but other than that I dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

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  1. Blaze says:

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  2. kruizintg says:

    make sure you provide clean water and lots of aeration.

    Once a year many of the fish in my pond get semi poisoned when the berries and flowers from a palm fall into the water.

    I usually scoop them with a net and do a partial water change and most of the fish recover.

  3. iceni says:

    Add freshwater salt and melafix to his water. Don’t feed him for a couple fo days and change 10% of the water in your sick tank daily. Make sure you do a couple of water changes to your pond. Whatever caused him to be sick (probably polluted water) is still in the pond with your other Koi.

  4. Loollea says:

    sounds like it could be a bacterial infection, treat accordingly
    and add aquarium salt to tank

  5. Liam says:

    You are not getting enough oxygen into the water. What type of filter/pump are you using and how big is your pond? How big is your koi? Depending on these you might need a bigger pond or you need to agitate the surface more to help aerate the water. Koi use a lot of oxygen so you need to make sure there is plenty available. You could try getting an aerator and stone also.

  6. bidderbidder2000 says:

    not enough oxygen in your pond, could be an algea bloom lower the temp and change some water add a fountain or water fall

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