how can i breed my koi fish?

i plan to have a pond.
i’ll put maybe 5-10 koi fish and some 2-4 turtles.
put some guppy or some little fish.
can my koi fish breed by themselves and will the koi fish and turtles eat the babies?

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  1. intelligent_friendlistener says:

    As long as you continue feeding, the babies will multiply at a fast fast rate. You soon have more fish than you can believe.

  2. tyrsdottir says:

    Koi get huge, and I mean HUGE. To support that many koi to their adult size, your pond will have to be humongous. Please do some research on ponds and pondfish before you get started.

    Guppies and other tropical fish will not survive in a pond. The water isn’t warm enough. Again, do some research.

    Most fish and all turtles will eat anything small enough to catch and eat. If you want to give any baby koi produced a chance, stock some rosy reds. They stay small, are active and reproduce prodigiously.
    Again, I can’t stress this enough, RESEARCH before you get started.

    Lastly, could you please not post the same question 4 times over?

  3. Koiguy says:

    Take the advice of the two previous comments. Koi will breed on thier own at a rate of 250,000 eggs. They won’t all survive but In a pond this doesn’t allow you the ability of monitoring who the parent fish will be resulting in a hot mess of koi. It can be fun just to see what develops but the load on your pond filter will not be. Leave the breeding to the Japanese and purchase good quality koi that you can enjoy as they develop.

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