How to breed my koi in my aquarium?

i have 8 koi the gender is by pairs

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  1. Victoria says:

    step 1

    Understand that April to July is the best time for koi to mate. Try for a one-to-one ratio of males to females when breeding.

    Step 2

    Take into consideration the age of your fish. (Koi that are too young or too old may not breed as easily.)

    Step 3

    Look for female koi to become bloated when they’re carrying eggs. Add a similar-sized male koi to the pond at this point.

    Step 4

    Help the fish to form a natural nesting area with synthetic brush or willow cuttings submerged underwater. The fish will nest beneath the brush.

    Step 5

    Expect the breeding pond to appear cloudy and give off an unpleasant odor immediately following the spawning process.

    Step 6

    Keep in mind that koi will lay thousands of eggs at one time. The eggs need to be separated from the adults to prevent them from being eaten.

    Step 7

    Expect the eggs to hatch within a week.

    Step 8

    Plan to feed the baby koi as often as five times a day for the first few months.

    Good Luck!

  2. Julie D. says:

    They are not going to breed in an aquarium. In fact, they shouldn’t be in an aquarium at all! Either build a pond, or find someone who has a large pond, and re-home them. Get them out of a tank!

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