How To Build Koi Fish Ponds

As the hobby of Koi-keeping becomes more popular, so the building of Koi fish ponds in people’s backyards has seen a rise in numbers over recent years. The chance to own and care for these beautiful sociable creatures entices many to start, what often turns out to be, a life-long hobby. In this article, as a beginner Koi enthusiast, you will learn a few what-not-to-dos when it comes to Koi pond building.

Remember, first of all, that once Koi fish ponds are built, they are permanent structures so careful thought and planning beforehand are crucial to the success of constructing Koi ponds. Do not, for example, choose a location where the entire Koi fish pond will be exposed to direct sunlight all the time. Koi fish ponds need to be shady but not completely in the dark so don’t build them next to large trees either.

Keep in mind that Koi fish are capable of growing to enormous sizes. A mature Koi has a length of about 36 inches but some have been known to grow even bigger than this. Whatever you do, avoid building a small pond or you will live to regret it! The size of your Koi fish pond needs to take into account the length these fish will grow as well as the number of Koi you intend to keep.

In addition, do not build a shallow Koi pond and think that this will be adequate. Shallow waters make Koi easy prey to predators like the blue heron but also it can cause large sudden changes in water temperature. The latter is harmful to Koi as it will cause the fish undue stress which will reduce their immune system and in turn make them vulnerable to viruses and infections. Therefore, for the purpose of Koi protection from predators as well as to keep pond water temperature stable, the recommended depth of a Koi fish pond is a minimum of 4 feet.

Speaking of predators, help to protect your beloved Koi by also making sure that the sides of the pond are built vertically steep and smooth. Avoid opting for ledges around the sides of the pond as raccoons have been known to use ledges to help them wade into the water and steal dinner for themselves.

Do not build a Koi fish pond without also building a quarantine tank where you can monitor new Koi fish for signs of illness prior to introducing them to the actual pond. A separate tank can also act as a hospital area for treating Koi when they are sick or injured.

Keep the shape of Koi fish ponds simple – either round, square or rectangle. These shapes are easiest to clean via a filter. Do not think about building a Koi pond without installing a (preferably large) filtration system. Koi produces a lot of metabolic waste on a day-to-day basis which must be removed efficiently to keep the pond water as clean and clear as possible. This is vital to maintaining the health of these fish.

Koi fish ponds will also need a pump to move the water through the filters, an ultraviolet steriliser to stop algae from turning the water green, a pond water aerator and a pond heater. Without the latter, you may well end up losing a few Koi fish at the end of every cold winter.

Happy Koi-keeping!

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