How to Choose Koi Fish Food For Healthy and Happy Koi

Fish like any animal requires food to live, grow and prosper. Ensuring your koi receive the best koi food you need to know more about what you are feeding them.

Here is some information that might help you choose the best koi food for your special fish.

If at all possible you should try to stick to feed that is close as possible to what koi fish normally eat in nature.

These fish are voracious eaters.

They will consume almost anything that is available. Therefore it is important that you monitor what they eat to ensure they remain healthy. 

You can choose between feeding live insects or commercially available Koi fish food, or you can give them a combination of both. In addition to their normal food you can supplement their diet with occasional treats such as fresh foods and nutritional supplements.

Koi fish are omnivores.

This means they can and will consume both animal matter and plants.

However, they have a preference for larvae and aquatic insects.

Some people opt not to have plants in their koi ponds because the koi will devour them.

However, you must ensure your koi fish get a balance of plant and koi fish food. The most convenient koi food is a manufactured dried food.

There are different forms such as pellets, granules, chunks, tablets and flakes.

All of these feeds are easy to store and convenient. When considering what type of koi food to use you must take into account the age and size of the fish.

It is also necessary to consider their stage of development and the time of year.

Summer requires a higher concentration of protein because energy levels are higher.

During winter they are less active and need a feed that has less protein.

You will use smaller pellets for smaller fish and larger ones for larger fish.

Some people believe certain foods enhance the colors of their fish.

This works in theory but remember that the red color patterns are genetically embedded.

Red will not be greatly enhanced by extra supplementation. Supplementation can also improve overall health and boost the immune system of koi.

A warning must be given that too much can also prove toxic.

Some fish feed for Koi already contain some supplements so read labels and check ingredients to ensure you are not overdosing your fish.

This will be harmful and even toxic. Apart from commercially manufactured foods you can balance the feed with fresh ingredients like lettuce. Your fish will relish this treat.

Shred leaves and let it float on the water. Romaine and leaf lettuce are the best to use.

Another food koi fish are fond of is oranges. This is high in Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant. Cut into segments leaving the rind intact. Prawns are a favorite of koi fish.

They are high in protein and excellent for summer months when your Koi fish need additional protein.

Insects and larvae will always be welcomed as food by koi. Meal worms, blood worms, black worms, wax worms, tubifex worms and soft-shelled crickets are usually firm favorites for your Koi fish.

Vigilance and regular checking of your koi fish will monitor their progress, health and well being.

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