Is an Aka Bekko Koi fish a good breed of Koi?

I know there are a lot of different types of Koi fish but what types are the most sought or collected and is an Aka Bekko a sought fish?

3 Responses to “Is an Aka Bekko Koi fish a good breed of Koi?”

  1. Loollea says:

    it’s all a matter of personal opinion, what do you like best
    if your fish is well patterned then it is a sought after fish

  2. kevrotimrob says:

    Yes it is one of the most prized of koi and is thought to have medicinal properties by the makamba tribesmen of newzealand

  3. iceni says:

    It really depends on the individual, most people like to have a few different types for ease of recognition.

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