Is my Koi fish sick or pregnant?

Ok, first im not sure if its a boy or a girl because because we the old owner of my house left them here.

(S)he looks bloated and his/her scales are sticking out. I really love this fish and if its sick i need to know what to give it. (S)he lives in a man made pond in my back yard with 10+ other koi.

3 Responses to “Is my Koi fish sick or pregnant?”

  1. Ramil Dy says:

    when scales sticking out it is dropsy there is an antibiotic for dropsy however cure is very less chance. And it is contageous you should catch the infected fish.

    kOi keeper & goldfish keeper

  2. Mokey41 says:

    It’s probably got a fatal disease called dropsy. Goldfish are egg layers and don’t get pregnant.


  3. Rob S says:

    this is dropsy also known as pine cone disease, its fatal and highly contagious, separate the fish and place in a 2% salt solution. find a good vet as injecting antibiotics is an option, normally 2 injections is enough but the outcome will greatly depend on the overall condition of the fish and how advanced the disease is. keep a close eye on all your other fish if they have been in the same pond.

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