Koi Feeding

Feeding your Koi fish will sometimes be the best and probably the most relaxing part of your day.

Koi fish are always very willing to interact with their owners and provide hours of enjoyment.

Koi need a well balanced diet, but feed time is always a fun time for the Koi and their owners.

Koi, being the clever fish they are, will quickly learn that you are the one feeding them and they will eventually eat out of your hand…

Feeding your Koi fish from your hand gives you a close up view of the sheer beauty of these creatures.

They are entertaining, beautiful and enjoyable. An absolute delight in a backyard pond.

Koi fish are omnivorous.

Omnivorous means that your Koi will eat a variety of foods – this includes meat matter and plant matter.

Koi fish have big appetites, but you should never worry about them getting too little or too much food.

They receive their food from two sources – you and the environment.

If you don’t provide enough they will take more from the environment.

Koi fish are an opportunistic eater and will eat whenever they can.

This could be  insects like snails and worms, the underwater plant foliage or the grass growing on the edge of the pond.

In the summer months, when Koi fish are the most active, you should feed your Koi a good quality diet.

This should include protein, fats, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

A good quality diet will result in your Koi displaying more vivid colors.

Koi enjoy a variety of foods. Lettuce, peas and watermelon make a great treat in addition to the standard Koi fish pellets.

The Koi pellets are essential to ensure that your Koi fish are receiving a well balanced diet.

I prefer the floating pellet as it forces the fish to come up to eat.

I can then see how well they eat, I can look for injuries and make sure they act vibrantly.

In the winter months the Koi’s digestive system slows down and it is not necessary to feed them.

They will nibble at algae on the bottom of the pond.

Once the temperature falls below fifty degrees Fahrenheit you do not want your Koi with food in their stomach. It can become rancid in their stomach and cause illness.

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