Koi Fish ?

does anyone know anything about the breeding of a koi and what time a year this happens? do they lay eggs? do they eat their own?

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  1. Nature Mother says:

    I am not real sure of the size, but they have to be the right breeding age. You also must have both male and female. They are impossible to tell just by looking if it is not the breeding season, so it is hit and miss in the fall 🙂 (before winter hits, so they can stay out all winter)
    They must spend the winter outdoors in a pond deep enough that it will not freeze.
    They spawn in the spring while the water is still quite cool.
    Yes, they lay eggs, and yes, they will eat their own eggs.

  2. onix_blue says:

    we have lots of koi in our pool, which is now pond, you will not know but they will lay alot of eggs, but they will eat it, mine layed eggs and only 2 fingerlings survived. if you keep a koi n a small tank, they wouldnt grow,they will grow very slowly. so try placing them in a pond.
    if you have a 10 gallon tank, place 2 kois.
    but it is better t place them in a pond with guppies, you wouldnt know, but after a year, youll have thousands of guppies swimming in your pond which is a great company for koi’s, guppies entertain kois and sometimes eat em’ but mine doesnt.we wouldnt know what time of the year it happens but in a glimpse, you wouldnt know if there are eggs,they lay eggs in a standing position, like (example) she’ll lay the eggs on the aquarium wall. when other fish see this, they will eat it.baby koi’s swim in groups, so if you have a baby koi, try buying some wth the same size, but dont put too many in the tank for they will fight for space.Koi’s are gentle fish and they will get along with either carps,gold fish and even an arowana!koi’s are great community fish but grow faster in large ponds.

  3. Loollea says:

    I have been breeding koi and goldfish for 30 yrs now…they
    breed in the spring as the water starts to warm up, they do lay eggs and they do eat as many as they can find…if you want to
    raise babies then you should have as many plants as you can
    have in your pond so they have plenty of hiding places
    good luck

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