Koi & Koi Fish Varieties – 80cm Momotaro Sanke (Matsunosuke BloodLine)

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5 Responses to “Koi & Koi Fish Varieties – 80cm Momotaro Sanke (Matsunosuke BloodLine)”

  1. koistop says:

    There are small, medium and large koi pellets. Just as long as it’s the small size koi fish pellets, it should be fine. The smaller the better.

  2. disturbed69690 says:

    does anyone know if i could put goldfish in with koi but not have to change the koi food and mix it with tropical food

  3. quadhondarider says:

    How much?

  4. pudsley1995 says:

    I think it might need a bigger bucket 🙂

  5. vanglisav says:

    Beautiful koi! Wow 80 cm…. nice snow white skin and deep color all around. A show keeper for sure.

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