Koi Pond Aeration Kit, For Ponds from 2000-8000 gallons

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Product Description
Aeration for Healthy and Happy Fish! If your waterfall or fountain is not providing enough aeration or you wish to keep your water garden open all winter long then these aeration kits are perfect! Powered by a silent, reliable compressor, this diffuser system will add oxygen, aerate, circulate, eliminate dead spots and keep your pond and fish active and healthy all year long, costing only pennies per month. Aeration kits include an all weather linear compressor capa… More >>

Koi Pond Aeration Kit, For Ponds from 2000-8000 gallons

One Response to “Koi Pond Aeration Kit, For Ponds from 2000-8000 gallons”

  1. Dan B. says:

    I have considered aeration for a long time for my koi pond. During the summer months (in So Cal), our waterfall doesn’t provide enough oxygen. This is an easy to install solution that provides a BUNCH of aeration, which in addition to helping the fish, it clarifies the water tremendously. My pond is 3600 gallons and only 3.5 feet deep, so I had to do a slight rework of the aerator head, as it was putting too much air in one place (in a deeper pond it may have been fine). I split the 2 aerator heads by using the excess hose that comes with the unit and a few extra parts. This is the perfect size unit for our size pond. Very satisfied so far. Also happy with the low electricity usage.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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