koi Pond and water garden

this is the first video of my 3500 gallon ( 25’x9’3′) koi pond/ water garden. I hope you enjoy! fell free to leave any comments or questions and i will get back to you asap. rating and comments are greatly appreciated!

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  1. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    @Bigfoot16 yup… im from philly ( same temperatures) and they survive all winter

  2. Bigfoot16 says:

    Im from New york and i heard of Koi surviving the winter, is this true

  3. Chinkstas says:

    wowwww i want one

  4. waynec407 says:

    Very nice… you’ve giving me some ideas for my pond.

  5. MrZunigaluis says:

    Aye, I went to the pond place where they sell everything about the ponds including koi fishs…They measure mah pond n they tell me how many gallons is mah pond. Mah pond is about 2475 gallons! close to 2500 gallons! Yay!

  6. MrZunigaluis says:

    Ohh thanks for letting me know. Well Im from Houston, Texas….it not always freezing over here…only from Nov to Feb…just winter. The rest is warm weather

  7. MrZunigaluis says:

    Im sorry, yeah you right….i meant feet. Im so dumb….I have no idea why I say inches lol! Yupp feets! Lol, your funny! everything is in feets! Im almost finish digging…tomorrow is my last day to dig cuz today i been digging from 9 am in the morning to 5 pm. =) I will upload mah video of mah pond sooner!

  8. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    not knowing where you are located ( i am in the east coast USA) as long as you temperature will stay warm for months to allow the fish to get acclimated before winter you can cycle the pond with comet goldfish for 6 weeks and then slowly start adding koi… the reason i asked for you location is becuase my pond is currenty frozen except for the holes where i have my jets… and you can never add fish to a cold pond…

  9. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    are you sure you dont mean feet? a 11.5 INCH by 7 INCH by 7 FEET long is not a pond thats a surfboard. haha. you will not be able to keep fish in anything like that but you are at about 40 gallons… if all of the measurements are suppose to be in feet you are at 3000-4000 gallons… lemme know,…

  10. MrZunigaluis says:

    also im making pond right now…actually it a wood pond. it 11.7 inches width, 7 inches length. im digging like 3 ft down….plus about 4 more ft up…total is 7ft (from da bottom to the outside). Is that more than 1500 gallons?

  11. MrZunigaluis says:

    I need help please….Once I get my pond done…how long will it be ready to put my koi fishs in it?

  12. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    yours is about 12000 gallons… 4.5 feet deeo makes a big difference, plus the added width. if my pond as 4.5 feet deep it would be 8000 gallons… so yours is def not 19000 but 12000.

  13. FreePersiaForAll says:

    That is so weird, I have been told that my pond is 19,000 Gallons and my pond is 19x19x4.5 feet. How is yours 3500 gallons and mine is 19,000 gallons when mine is only a little larger than yours?

  14. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    no problem, you could just do some commons, comets, subumkins, etc. they are all cheap and easy to take care of…

  15. worshipshrimp says:

    I think I just might get some common goldfish but thanks for the advice it was really helpfull. =)

  16. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    its in the description…
    “this is the first video of my 3500 gallon ( 25’x9’3′) koi pond/ water garden” its 25 feet long, 9 feet wide, and the average of 3 feet deep.

  17. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    if you buy domestic koi, its not the fish that will be expensive… you could buy a bunch of small $10-$20 koi and they grow quick!. but making the pond suitable for koi is the problem, it needs to be at least 1500 gallons and in there you can only have a max of 5 koi. and make sure its at least 3 feet deep. you also need a filtration rated for DOUBLE the pond size as koi are very messy! Let me know, im here for any questions!

  18. worshipshrimp says:

    I was just wondering because I plan top build a pond in my back garden during spring and I like koi carp but I was worried they would be to expensive

  19. FreePersiaForAll says:

    What are the measurments in feet? length, width and depth.

  20. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    that is not an easy question to answer… depending on size, quality, and where and how it was bred anywhere from $10-$100000. yea, i know! gimme a little more details and i can give you a better answer…

  21. worshipshrimp says:

    How much does 1 koi carp cost?

  22. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    thanks and good luck!

  23. looooooadsofcoolstuf says:

    Good I am glad to here it is over 3ft deep. Good work. I have just built a 4ft deep koi pond but it is not finished yet. Still got the edges to do. Great pond.

  24. AnnexGroup says:

    Great pond great video.. thanks for sharing my friend

  25. fishtanksandkoiponds says:

    thanks! you should see em now

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