Koi Pond Building Details

A lot of people wrote us asking for more details on how we built the self-standing RePoBrain Koi pond. This covers wood construction, bolting and lining. If you want to see more don’t forget to see our first video, titled Koi Pond Built by RePoBrain

14 Responses to “Koi Pond Building Details”

  1. Bradfisher1 says:

    Thanks for the Great Idea. I had no room for a in ground pond and this worked great!!!

  2. Repobrain says:

    It’s really not hard to build basically a rectangle. And the way I did it it’s a very strong. And if you ever wanted to disassemble it does take the bolts out. Someone did complain I put too many bolts and it didn’t need the side bolts. However with holding 500 gallons of water at 8 pounds a gallon equaling 4,000 pounds and bolts costing only about $2 I think all air on the side of caution…. besides this also keeps the wood from warping as every corner is secure.

  3. WESTCRSON says:


  4. brimi925 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video!! VERY INFORMATIVE AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND!!!

  5. utescoop says:

    Nice pond and good tutorial. Wish you could explain how you build the bottom bit for the base?

  6. tonyph33r says:

    Hey RepoBrainer how much did u buy 4x4x8 lumber wood? i went to homedpot they stell 1 for 11.97 alos if u know a place for cheap can u give me there info thank

  7. Repobrain says:

    yields around 600 gallons. The main thing I did was build a sturdy rectangle with a lag bolts every foot and 1/2f going through multiple boards. Some guy actually criticize me for over building it. Seems kind of silly when leg bolts are about 80 cents. I think it could have gone up a little higher heigher wize especially if the bottom portion was firmly in the ground. Here’s a calculator to figure out how many gallons

  8. Repobrain says:

    The pond has a black liner. I bought blue and white tiles for bathroom at a hardware store. Or just loosely put in the bottom and I can rearrange the pattern anytime. Sometimes the Koi decide to move them but that’s not much of a problem.

  9. Arkanovi1989 says:

    Pretty impressive mate

    One question, How many gallons you reckon that construction could take? the length and width is exactly the same as my pond, but my pond also goes down to 3feet deep.

    I’m thinking a good way of expanding my pond would be to create a concrete “lip” or shelf around the edges and then fit something like your pond onto it. it make it somewhere near 5 feet deep

  10. footballcarddealer says:

    may i ask what the white squares are in the bottom of your pond are?

  11. Repobrain says:

    I don’t live in an incorporated town so do not need a town permit. The structure can be taken apart and moved so I think it would meet non-permit requirements however you always need to check. Thank you for your comment on the videos. The Koi have grown this year and one is about 22 inches

  12. smearsmell says:

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve watched any of your videos and I must say great job. Did you need any kind of building permit from your town before constructing this or is it indoors? I am thinking about making one roughly half the size. Thanks!

  13. bugsy898 says:


  14. GavN88 says:

    that is great nice work!

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