Koi Pond – San Antonio Pond Tour

A beautiful koi pond in San Antonio, TX.

15 Responses to “Koi Pond – San Antonio Pond Tour”

  1. bsr220 says:


  2. devildriver678 says:

    :56 kitty!

  3. balaw3387 says:

    i would fall asleep with a beer in my hand out there all day!!!!!!!!

  4. Acanonizado says:

    Very inspiring . . . .

  5. fishingamna says:

    LOL, that’s funny.

  6. Venrellin says:

    hard work really does pay off. Beautiful pond, great job.

  7. WelcomeBackBasco says:

    Their son is Graham Harrell from Texas TECH? lol

  8. acemanz888 says:

    ok how do u keep that cat from messin with those fish cuz iv lost a few fish from stupid cats

  9. xawnuhx says:

    That’s just beautiful!

  10. curlycurl7 says:

    nice pond, and i think you’re funny too….i laught about your commends!
    We are building a pond but just a little smaller? (a lot!!)

  11. koikrazee2008 says:

    nice pond !

  12. markusgamer says:

    I love your pond and your koi are really pretty

  13. sgreatdragon says:

    So are u the owner of this pond? if so that’s amazing what you did. your pond seems almost dream……..

  14. ckeck says:

    Thank you very much…it took many years of hard work!

  15. koimen says:

    very nice pond

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