Koi saves lives of other Koi

I had some sick Koi and put them in another pond and the one Koi in that pond spend all afternoon saving them. All Koi are fine. I think the other pond was not getting enough oxygen. We call the little guy THE LIFEGUARD now.

25 Responses to “Koi saves lives of other Koi”

  1. theeroom says:

    Thats is amazing! youve caught something amazing! there!!!! pls do take care of them all!!!

  2. Patternpop says:

    That is great that the fish’s sacrifice and hard work paid off!
    Yeah bless his little heart.

  3. dimend51 says:

    All the fish lived!

  4. Patternpop says:

    Are the fish okay now?

  5. Patternpop says:

    I trained my Betta so I watch her closely and I believe this! 🙂

  6. OsmossProductions says:


  7. Jtronique says:

    It definitely looks to me like your Helper is busy keeping his pals upright! I can see it. Isn’t it amazing.

  8. yanyoulen says:

    Great video glad you had camera ready……See my videos,yanyoulen

  9. funniiie says:

    I cant see anything but your like “hes very busy helping fish there he is upright”. LOL!!!

  10. loneAnthem says:

    i had the same problem with my kois did any of ur koi die? i hope not!!!! u know the jungle products right the lifeguard all-in-one treatment it work like wow because the problem is there is a parasitic problem and it mostly happens with koi fish i hate when a fish dies and i cant findout y …its kinda my job to find out i work in a vet school as a aquaculture tech. well thanks for readin my coment oh yea this is my bro acount i usein lol i need to use mine lol later and thanks

  11. dimend51 says:

    I don’t agree. These Koi were not floating, they were sinking the lifesaver Koi was bringing them back upright, its really quite obvious in the video.

  12. monsterenergyrox8689 says:

    when they see a fish or any object floating they get curios and they temt to nug or push the object because it might be food cause they eat floating food

  13. hypeOff says:

    make sure you add an UV lite sterilizer to keep your pond sparkling clear without green, foggy water.

  14. dimend51 says:

    I was told by a Koi breeder to put them a solution of salt water, forget now the percentage, just for 5 mins. I think it was to kill any parasites, and that its good for them for a short period.

    I think that Koi are really smart, who would have thought this would happen?

  15. N0zProductions says:

    wow thats amazing finaly proof that fish do have brains thank u for making this video and btw u have baby fish in that pond u must love koi we need more people like u nice video i enjoyed it and they are clever koi and i dont think koi are mment to be in salt water nice koi to and u should get that video put on the news they did with the duck feeding the koi so i think they would with this to

  16. JUNAID187 says:

    is socalif in australia ?

  17. dimend51 says:

    I live in So. Calif and we don’t have fish falling into backyard ponds here, LOL! I know what fish I have and its not perch or pike. But I would think I pike would eat Koi, yikeS

  18. JUNAID187 says:

    no i mean when they get older. i might be wrong i dont know but last time my mom baught a stupid pike kind of thing and put it into my pond. it bit chunks of my bigger fish and alot died

  19. dimend51 says:

    Yeah, crazy isn’t it?

  20. dimend51 says:

    Believe me its not a perch! They are all Koi and a few goldfish. I really can’t see a perch eating a larger Koi.

  21. JUNAID187 says:

    that stripy fish isnt a koi its a perch. when it gets older it will eat the smaller fish and take bites on the bigger koi so better be carful with that dude

  22. JUNAID187 says:

    koi are amazing. i went to the london koi society thing and this japanese guy was selling a huge koi fish for £210 thousand pounds !!! damn! just for a fish

  23. ChristinaR5 says:

    wow thats awsome! This shows that fish are not stupid, nice job, great vid!

  24. theFoxthatTalks says:

    Koi have BRAINS AND FEELINGS! This is an awesome vid, thanx.

  25. dimend51 says:

    Thanks, I wish it was clearer but at least you can really see what is happening. I never saw such a thing! PS, all these fish lived and I still have them, but I lost 3 of my large koi and still don’t know why.

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