Koi Supplies

Koi fish are some of the most beautiful and colorful pond fish but, keeping them requires at least a basic knowledge of fish and outdoor ponds and a few essential supplies.

Part of giving your yard a tranquil feeling is placing a fountain in your pond.

This not only drowns out unwanted noise, it stirs the water and is the easiest way to put oxygen back into the water which is important for the health of your fish.

Owners will also need to install a filter in their pond that is designed to maintain the quality of the water.

A filter removes unwanted pollutants which will decrease the chance that the Koi will have health issues.

Because the only way a filtration system can process the water is if the water is moving, you will also need to install a pump.

A pump is also extremely important for the health of the pond.

Having a fountain or waterfall in the pond aids in the water’s movement but, they should not replace a pump entirely.

Unfortunately, they are not strong enough to help with the filtration of the pond on their own.

Some supplies are not used on a daily basis but should still be kept on hand.

Dechlorinator is used when replenishing the water level of your pond with tap water.

It is essential to eliminating harmful chemicals from the tap water.

The pH level and the Nitrate level of the water should be checked on a weekly basis.

Pond owners do this by using test kits that are available in any pet supply store.

Pond salt or baking soda should also be kept on hand on a regular basis.

They can be added to the pond water to regulate the pH and Nitrate levels of the water when tests show the chemical levels are off.

Because Koi come in such brilliant colors, they are susceptible to fall victim to outdoor predators like Herons, kingfishers, foxes, cats, raccoons and badgers.

Owners can keep their fish safe through the design of their ponds.

Owners can keep water deep enough to prevent Herons from wading in it.

They can also create overhangs on the side of their ponds high enough to prevent predators from reaching the water.

Plus, if the pond is set under the shade of a tree, it will block the view of the pond from the air.

Pond owners can also purchase a net that can be placed over the entire pond ensuring the safety of the Koi.

A net will also prevent debris like leaves from falling into the water and messing up the pond.

Food is the most important supply.

Koi eat a variety of foods but it is important to keep a basic food source on hand.

Koi have been known to eat out of their owner’s hands and therefore snacks and treats can be offered to your fish.

When setting up your outdoor pond and considering the kind of supplies you will need, remember that although Koi take a little bit of effort on the part of their owners, they are mesmerizing, gorgeous fish that are well worth the effort.

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