Koi Water Quality

An extremely important thing to control when raising Koi fish is giving them the proper filtration in a pond environment.

Koi fish are more sensitive to the quality of the water then some other fish and therefore need more consideration when it comes to some of the equipment like filers.

A pond filter helps to control the biological balance in the pond system.

It is the job of the filter to remove the waste that the Koi produce.

In the wild fish waste is removed because of the volume of the water in the area.

Fish waste is also removed by the water’s current.

When fish are in a contained environment they need to have this natural function supplied for them.

Most of the pond filters available have a mechanical and biological function.

The mechanical function cleans particles from the water.

Gravity and the flow of the water drag the solid waste out of the Koi’s pond water.

These particles become trapped in the filter and are then cleaned out by the pond owner during the regular maintenance of the pond.

The biological filtration relies on bacteria to break down toxic waste, also known as ammonia or pH, into less harmful substances like nitrates.

Nitrates are only harmful to Koi in large amounts.

While it is normal to have continuous amounts of pH on a low level, pH can be harmful to Koi if it is left at a high level untreated.

A good pond filter can still not work properly without a pump to force the water through it.

With a big area like a pond, the strength of the filter is not able to circulate the water on its own.

The pump pushed the water and circulates it through the pond.

In addition to the pump and the filter, pond owners may want to consider adding a small fountain, a waterfall, or some other water device.

It is very important to the fish to have a constant supply of oxygen in the water. Because a fountain or a waterfall stirs up the water, it allows the oxygen from the air to be folded into the water.

This is known as aeration.

It is important to test the chemical make up of the water of the pond weekly.

You can do this one of two ways.

You can either bring a sample of the pond water to a local pet store to have them test it for you or you can purchase a home testing kit and test the water yourself.

It is important to keep the chemical mixture in the water at a normal and healthy range for Koi fish.

Owning a beautiful Koi garden does not mean that it is completely maintenance free.

Although the time and effort it takes to maintain the pond is minimal, it should be considered when it comes to taking on the responsibility of owning a Koi garden.

Above all, it is one of the most rewarding hobbies that anyone can have.

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