my koi is sick,, and i dont know how to keep him alive?

my koi was poisoned by an algacide, Algae relief it was called. i have many koi but this one was most affected. he is alive, but is very impaired swimming. he swims super crooked and cant eat, so the clock is ticking… can anyone helpp me quickly please?

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  1. Crystal says:

    Put him in clean water, koi need a lot of water space, so if you don’t have a big enough tank then put him in the largest fishtank you own (alone) and do water changes every day. Get a good filter and let him rest peacefully in the dark, keep tank lights off.

  2. i ♥ u!!!! says:

    well,try putting it in a different tank or fish bowl(or whatever) so it doesn’t affect the other fish.make sure it is all the way better before putting it back in with the other fish.other than that you can’t really do much.hope it gets better!

    hope i helped:):)

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