My Koi Pond

This is the Koi Pond I rebuilt in 3 1/2 weeks. This was my first attempt at building a Koi pond – but I would do it again if I had the chance. It was a lot of fun. The original build was the same volume of water, but was too close to the house, the electrical box and the fence, so I had to tear down, relocate, and rebuild the entire wall and the waterfall, including adding a bottom drain (not in the original build). Because the water is so clear, it looks shallower than it really is. Also, the camera lens makes the fish look bigger compared to the pond size than they really are.

21 Responses to “My Koi Pond”

  1. DocAhrens says:

    @paperman699 no goldfish, although one of the Koi is Gold.

  2. paperman699 says:

    is that a gold fish

  3. DocAhrens says:

    @11aamiller if you think just under 3 feet is shallow, then I guess it is.

  4. geoffcarter1212 says:

    nice little feature that, well done!
    from geoff :0)

  5. BerkeleyBuilt says:

    racoons ate my 5 year old fish, 4 of them. now i bought 3 inch ones to start all over again.

  6. GreenSeverums says:

    Very cool.

  7. joeblaze48 says:

    Yes. The rocks at the bottom are going to be a problem in the future. Even with a BD, dirt collects in between the rocks and becomes toxic. However, nice pond.

  8. DocAhrens says:

    @VxXsamuraiXxV I rebuilt it using the existing materials, so I don’t know about the pump box or waterfall box. The pump needed replacement and that cost about $180, and the new 15×15 .45 mil liner cost about $135.

  9. VxXsamuraiXxV says:

    Hey How did you make and how much it cost?

  10. IntegraGSR5 says:

    love your pond. really nice

  11. andystringer83 says:


  12. DocAhrens says:

    @helterskelter1 yes, it has a bottom drain, that flows into the bottom/side of the pump box. takes about 1/4 – 1/3 of the flow into the box.

  13. DocAhrens says:

    10′ x 10′ x 2 3/4′ deep

  14. boozeye66 says:

    are these hard to build koi fish ponds???

  15. cormacgrendon says:

    Love the Pond an amazing job and the fish look so happy. I am looking at doing a Koi pond myself and am unsure of what direction to take regarding filters. Can you please help as i have read a few books and the best advise you can get is from somebody who has a pond already. I am looking at diging one 6mtrs by 3mtrs and 3 foot deep. It will be 18,000 Ltrs. Thanks Cormac

  16. DocAhrens says:

    2 3/4 feet deep

  17. chrismiss00 says:

    how deep is your pond? love it

  18. DocAhrens says:

    @HlubOs I created a stable base of pea gravel and sand, leveling with a 48″ level. After 4 layers, I laid a protective mat and the liner, being careful where I folded the excess liner and cutting wedge in the mat to remove excess to keep the top layer stable. I laid the last layer of brick on top of the padding and liner, and trimmed the liner and pad just outside of the bricks (minus a quarter to half inch to “hide” the liner). I can walk on the top of the wall without noticeable rocking.

  19. HlubOs says:

    did you just put the pile the bricks together and add in the liner and put more bricks on top..? i was thinking of doing that, but then i’m not sure if its stable or not? thanks.

  20. alphatao1 says:

    beautiful set up you got in their…. the elephant ear plant is called Taro any Asian store thy carry that
    5 stars

  21. TheDrix12 says:

    wat type of food did you feed for them ? .

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