Northeast Koi Allentown Pond Redo

Video of a pond redo in Allentown, PA by Northeast Koi.

15 Responses to “Northeast Koi Allentown Pond Redo”

  1. crazychimp321 says:

    whats the song?

  2. shitonMOHAMMAD says:

    is there a minimum amount of space for having a koi pond in which they can live comfortably?

  3. mrron3 says:

    nicest pond i’ve ever seen

  4. MrZunigaluis says:

    I need help please….Once I get my pond done…how long will it be ready to put my koi fishs in it?

  5. samuraichamploo12 says:

    wow thats a huge pond

  6. nekoiguy says:

    I really should post an updated video! The pond is now fully established and has a nice coat of algae on the liner. It doesn’t look anything like a pool anymore! Very happy fish – the oldest is 15! As far as price, it wasn’t that expensive. It’s very easy to maintain. The key is simple, quality filtration by Aqua Ultraviolet. A lot of “enthusiasts” think they need to put anything & everything on their ponds. Not so! A filter, UV, & skimmer is all you need. Virtually maintenance free! Love it!

  7. Kenuckio says:

    There is a lot of water movement, you must have a big pump and how much did it cost?

  8. bitefuder says:

    what you spraying on 0:54. Beautiful work my man.

  9. bmx75839 says:

    nice pond my neighbor has one but its inside a patio and it had little palm tre es a tekee man and koi my friend and i used to go look at it untill the guy built a cement border around it

  10. koipondtv says:

    it looks like an awesome pool…check out mine you will go nuts

  11. guninhatersdown says:

    very nice pond i hope u put good quality koi in there

  12. boogie8ball says:

    man stuff the fish,i’d be using it as a spa

  13. Bretty135 says:

    Test your parameters before you put anything in it and consider getting a protein skimmer after your filter.

  14. ferhinojosaheelys says:

    it looks like a pool not a pond

  15. purpletang99 says:

    very nice you must have put alot of money into it looks like a pool!

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