Relaxing by the Koi Pond

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27 Responses to “Relaxing by the Koi Pond”

  1. FISHGAL69 says:

    @zzzthaoster Thanks, glad you enjoy it.

  2. zzzthaoster says:

    this is awesomely beautiful.

  3. FISHGAL69 says:

    @DERAJ13 Culling, no. Only a few fry survive each year long enough to become sizeable, and there is an occasional lost to natural hazards.

  4. ricardomarcossanchez says:

    Beautifull long tail goldfishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get some like yours!!
    Congrats, beautifull pond and fishes!!

  5. MrGrog88 says:

    i saw a koi pond when i was in japan and its just mezmerising, i could have sat there for hours

  6. DERAJ13 says:

    population control? culling?

  7. darthjeff3 says:

    nothing like sitting at a koi pond or raking a zen garden.

  8. FISHGAL69 says:

    @MonyMG1959 You’re welcomed, thanks for watching.

  9. MonyMG1959 says:

    beautiful, thanks for sharing

  10. dajoeng says:

    Those sara comets are absolutely beautiful

  11. FISHGAL69 says:

    @maxlammamax Thanks for watching. We don’t do anything special, the fish get a light feeding a twice a day… By the end of the season a few lily pads can look fairly tattered, but the plants have never been destroyed.

  12. maxlammamax says:

    Gday mate, some beautiful Koi u have there. Just wondering how is it that you have your lillys still intact?? Arnt they pretty damn destructive when it comes to plant life??

  13. tomtgael says:

    lovely comets

  14. FISHGAL69 says:

    @Hobbyist56 Thank you for your compliment. The price of koi varies by size, type and their markings. In Japan prize winning koi can sell for many thousands of dollars. With that said, some of these koi were introduced when they were 4-6 inches in length (and not expensive), then they grew and started spawning with a few fry surviving each season.

  15. Hobbyist56 says:

    your pond is beautiful! I heard koi fish are quite costly, is that true?

  16. eileensongs says:

    Oh Cindy I am so sorry to hear that she was a beauty and joy to watch, so graceful!!
    She was around quite a while, glad I got to see her. maybe the pearly one (as my dad called them) will be the dominate one…I saw the way she/he swam and ate in that pond…

  17. FISHGAL69 says:

    @eileensongs Speckles (the big orange and black one) didn’t make it through the spring, she looked like she had a head injury. Weighed in at 28 lbs and 28 inched long. It will be interesting to see which one becomes the dominant eater.

  18. eileensongs says:

    great video of your dad’s pond!!! Ah the pearly and black gets bigger each time I see him!!! WOW!! A few have gotton very big!!! You included some awesome still lifes….
    This really brought back fond memories!!!!

  19. FISHGAL69 says:

    @mushmush7 Thanks. They are starting to get active now that spring is here, so another vid could be up in a few weeks.

  20. mushmush7 says:

    I could watch koi all day! Nice video!

  21. FISHGAL69 says:

    Shogun from the Apple production library, so I wonder why youtube has tagged it for advertising, cuz I’m not a “partner”…

  22. Ccbooya18 says:

    cool, you should name one of them, “koi-zilla”! lol

  23. xXShinobiKidXx says:

    what is the music?

  24. FISHGAL69 says:

    They are even bigger now! Maybe I’ll do another one this year.

  25. Ccbooya18 says:

    Omg! Those are giant fish!

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