The 8 Koi Supplies That Are Essential For the Best Health of Your Koi



Koi are some of the most attractive and entertaining fish you can have in a pond.

However, there’s more to keeping them than just dumping a few into the water.

You’re going to need to have a basic understanding of outdoor ponds and how to keep koi, as well as the right koi supplies.

Let’s take a look at some of the items you might want to buy to keep your koi pond running properly.

Not all of them are required, but they’ll improve your water feature:

  1. Fountains
    A fountain can be a tranquil, pleasant addition to a pond, as well as a way to drown out noise from the pond pump. It also keeps the water aerated, so that your fish will breathe easier. This is probably the easiest way to keep your pond properly oxygenated.
  2. Filters
    A filter is a must in the vast majority of backyard ponds. After all, natural ponds filter themselves, but yours isn’t attached to the network of streams that a natural pond has. This means that you’ll need to install a filter to maintain water quality and remove waste and other pollutants. An unfiltered pond will eventually sicken and die, and so will your koi.
  3. Pumps
    To operate a filter or a fountain, you’ll need a pump. The filter can only work if the water is moving, after all. The strength of your pump can have a lot to do with the health of your pond – too strong and it’ll kill the fish, too weak and it won’t filter the water properly. Fountains and unpowered waterfalls aren’t strong enough to filter the pond on their own.
  4. Dechlorinator
    If you refill your pond with municipal water, you may need dechlorination chemicals. They’ll remove the chlorine from your city water and allow the fish to survive in it.
  5. Water Quality Test Kits
    Check the nitrate and pH levels of your water on a weekly basis. This can be done using appropriate test kits. They’re easy to use and will help you maintain a healthy pond.
  6. Water Chemicals
    To regulate the nitrate levels and acidity of the water, keep baking soda or pond salt on hand. This should be used in appropriate levels when the tests show something is off balance.
  7. Pond Netting
    Koi are brightly colored fish that tempt all kinds of animals. This means that you need to protect them from herons, cats, kingfishers and all kinds of other animals. Place your net over the whole pond to keep the koi safe, or use shade and pond design elements to give them safe places to hide.
  8. Food
    Keep snacks, treats, and a commercially formulated food specially for koi on hand. These friendly fish will be happy to eat right out of your hand, once they get used to you.

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