Treatment Box To Aid A Sick Koi Fish

Anesthetic and a range of topical treatments from a local aquatic outlet will form the basis of the box, but the peripheral equipment is just as important, if not more so. A mild liquid disinfectant suitable for use on human skin for initial cleansing of a wound will be invaluable. Cotton wool sticks will help when applying it.

A roll of kitchen paper for wiping and drying wounds, and a plastic bag or bin for waste materials help to keep everything tidy and hygienic. A box of latex gloves will be useful for protecting the hands from treatment chemicals, some of which may stain and be carcinogenic. A spoon and accurate scale to weigh out chemicals will also be useful.

A pair of tweezers will make it easier to remove dead scales and visible parasites. A handling sock for lifting and moving fish will be invaluable. However, being confined to a small volume of water is stressful for the fish, so observe it continuously and remove it from the dip if it becomes distressed.

A bath is a much larger container of water and is useful when a longer confinement is necessary. The treatment given may be the same as for a dip, but at a lower strength medication for a longer period of time. Again, consider providing additional aeration at this time. Treatment is not confined to eradicating parasites.

Secondary infection often sets in and damage can easily occur when a net is improperly used, for example. Dress any open wounds to prevent them spreading further and to minimize the risk of the infection becoming systemic.

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