What You Ought To Learn About Parasites In A Koi Pond?

A filter does not instantly adapt to the extra load placed on it when new fish are added to the pond. If koi start flicking, parasites brought in on new fish may be suspected. To be sure that you have made the correct diagnosis, test the water first. If the results are normal, take a scrape of the mucus on the fish’s skin and examine it under a microscope for parasitic activity.

If parasites are to blame, administer the appropriate treatment, but if both tests are negative, look for another cause. There are some disadvantages associated with adding medication to the water to eradicate parasites brought in on a new fish. It means that otherwise healthy koi in the pond will also receive treatment, and adding chemicals may also set back the biological filtration stages.

This is where a quarantine facility comes into its own. It will enable you to keep new stock or sick koi separated from healthy fish in the pond, in conditions where you can control the water quality and temperature. An outbreak of parasites is always a major concern for the koi keeper.

Parasites can damage the skin and some will attack the gills. In poor conditions, they quickly multiply. The fish will deteriorate and without prompt action severe damage can result. Once the outer skin defenses are breached by parasites, then opportunistic virus, bacteria and fungi can establish a foot hold.

The result of such injuries can be difficult to repair and may cause death if allowed to progress too far. Some parasites can be seen with the naked eye, but for others you will need a microscope.

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