Will koi fish breed on their own if left in pond?

Wondering if I buy about 10 koi, to put in a pond, that I’m going to have built, probably about 2000-3500 gallons….will they breed on their own, when their ready without me doing anything? So will I find little babies eventually? Thanks
How many will be good for that size pond?

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  1. Darrel123 says:

    They will breed on there own just like any other fish by laying there eggs on the bottom of the pond and males fertilising them. However, numbers will rise dramatically when they do start breeding and with anything in nature, if the habitat doesnt support the numbers, naturally those numbers will fall to sustainable levels.

  2. LBentforHPTS!! says:

    Koi will spawn on their own. When they’re between three and five years old. Unless you have super filtration and water quality, 10 adult Koiwill strain a 2000 to 3500 pond.

  3. Gupreet says:

    yes as much as i know they will grow on there own

  4. Dog gamn right!!!! says:

    yes i see no reason why they will not eventually spawn…but you may not want that because you might end up with TOO many koi!!! i would start out with only 2 or 3 of the same sex and take it from there.

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