25 Responses to “WOOD KOI POND”

  1. atlantidax says:

    Very nice and minimalistic! :]

  2. beebyH says:

    You know what would of been so cool if you had a 3/4 glass in the front so you can see whats going on the pond..

  3. ecricket4 says:

    hey just wondering how u got the pcv piping to go up through the bottom?

  4. lynda46 says:

    A well looked after koi soon grows, that means this pond is too small for koi. But its a great pond for goldfish.

  5. Bradfisher1 says:

    @jlndb. yeah that would work

  6. jlndb says:

    Oh, 1 more question. Is the pre-drill 1/4 for the 5/16 spike?

  7. Bradfisher1 says:

    @MegaPlanelover, the water is only 50 degrees… they more active in the summer months when the water is 70-75degrees

  8. Bradfisher1 says:

    @tekka84, It is actually just pea gravel, sand works but I have found that anytime you need to move a plant then it just clouds up the water for a day or so…

  9. Bradfisher1 says:

    @Sapphiretri, thanks if you have any questions I would be glad to help…

  10. Bradfisher1 says:

    @jlndb , The corners have held up very well, every corner of every layer of wood has a 8″ x 5/16″ spike as well as gorilla glue.

  11. jlndb says:

    I just wondering how does the corner hold up?

  12. Sapphiretri says:

    This set up is now going to be the set up I use once I move into a house. It looks so simple and best part of not having to build into the ground and risk hitting pipes you never knew about. I am glad you posted this online.

  13. iggy184 says:

    May I please have a list of the building materials that you used, and how much did you spend on making the entire pond. Looks great, im deffenitly going to try and replicate your design.

  14. MegaPlanelover says:

    Your pond koi look sad and slowly swimming.

  15. tekka84 says:

    What type of sand did you use?

  16. Bradfisher1 says:

    @koijoi72 If you have any questions I would be glad to awnser…

  17. koijoi72 says:

    that is slick i might just put one of these in my house.

  18. jamesrowena says:

    hi nice pond im going to be build the same thing what size timber did you use is it 4×4 or 3×3


  19. zship30 says:

    how much did the whole project cost

  20. zship30 says:

    how was did the whole project cost

  21. MrXaborus says:

    Hey i just wanted to let you know you created more than just a pond!
    You also made an aquaponic setup by accident!
    Add some *redworms* into the gravel, and you will never have to clean the gravel :] They will eat the fish poop and make it even better fertilizer for the plants.
    As for the plants, grow anything you’d like! Tomatoes would grow great in that XD (aslong as the water has enough oxygen, and you lower the water level in the “filter” a bit)

  22. Bradfisher1 says:

    @joseph19699, yes I wnt throught the liner, I got a bulkead fitting off ebay for less than 5 dollars

  23. Bradfisher1 says:

    @bobosthenewdude, I used a 4′ x 8′ 3/4″ plywood, you could go thinner since basically all it is used for was makeing the pond square…..

  24. bobosthenewdude says:

    what did you use for the lower pond’s base?

  25. Bradfisher1 says:

    @bobosthenewdude, i just ripped a peice of 3/4″ exterior plywwod.

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